Crewe Town Council

The campaign to restore a Town Council to Crewe drew support from members of all political parties and none.  The goal was achieved on October 11th when Cheshire East councillors voted to set up the new Council this year.  Everyone who lives in the parts of Crewe outside an existing parish council area will be able to vote for town councillors to represent them on April 4th.

Liberal Democrats joined other campaigners in pressing for a Town Council of 20 members, which is now agreed.  We disagreed with other parties over the election arrangements for the new Council.  We said that Crewe should be divided into 10 equal sized wards, each electing two councillors.  Instead the existing Cheshire East wards will be used.  So electors will have 2, 4, or 6 votes, depending on where they live.  Large wards make it harder for smaller parties and independent candidates to take part.  There is a danger that all the successful candidates in April will be Labour Party members.

The linked file contains all the responses received by Cheshire East Council to the final stage of its Crewe Governance Review, including the Liberal Democrat proposal for equal sized wards.

Click here for Cheshire East Council Responses