Lib Dem Councillors Welcome Proposed Routing of HS2 via Crewe

With the increase use of rail in recent years extra capacity is required between the south east and the north of England the proposal to build a new line to continental gauge via Crewe with the prospect of “double decker” trains being introduced and with the added bonus of Crewe maintaining the new trains is very welcome!

We congratulate the officers and Cabinet members who have worked very hard on this project.

However whilst the proposal that is now being consulted on includes a transport hub for Crewe Liberal Democrats would like to see a station/platform for the new continental gauge trains and a connection between HS1 and HS2 to enable not just speedier journeys to London but the Continent as well.

The building of this line will enable semi fast passenger trains that currently use the slow lines being able to travel on the fast lines and leave more margins for freight trains.

When there is an accident on the M6 Townsin South Cheshire become gridlocked and hopefully HS2 could result in transfer from road to rail.

We also call for the construction of this line to be brought forward to provide much needed jobs and that the current improvements to Crewe Station are not delayed but take into account the impact that HS2 will have on Crewe.