Liberal Democrat Candidates for Crewe Town Council

After the election on 4th April, Crewe will have its own Town Council for the first time since the demise of the Crewe Borough Council in 1974. 

The new council will not be as powerful as the pre-1974 council.  But it will be a place where issues of local concern to Crewe are discussed properly, and decisions that affect only the town are taken.  Unlike members of Cheshire East Council, Town Councillors can give undivided attention to the interests of Crewe and those of us who live here. 

Liberal Democrats hope that many more people will take an interest in the local government of Crewe and will support local candidates or stand for election themselves.  For the past 5 years, the only people who have had a share in the government of Crewe have been members of Cheshire East Council.  And becoming a Cheshire East councillor is a BIG commitment that not many people are able or willing to take on. 

The same wards will be used for the election on 4th April as are used for Cheshire East Council elections.  Liberal Democrats regret this.  These wards are too large for Town Council purposes.  We believe that the size of the wards has deterred independent candidates and members of smaller political parties from standing in the election.  We also regret that the Town Council wards are not equal in size.  Electors will be able to vote for differing numbers of candidates, depending on where they live in Crewe. 

Liberal Democrats have nominated candidates in the three largest wards, so that most people in Crewe will have the opportunity to vote for a Liberal Democrat candidate. 

Crewe South ward is the part of the town south of Nantwich Road, the Rosehill estate, and the streets between Ruskin Road and the railway station.  Our candidates here are  Robert Icke and  Rebecca Macfadyen

Crewe West ward is the part of the town to the west of the railway line to Chester as far as Dane Bank College and Gainsborough Road.  Our candidate here is  David Cannon

Crewe East ward is the part of the town to the east of the railway and the railway station.  Our candidate here is Nick Taylor


Many people are suspicious of Party nominations at election time, particularly in local elections.  They fear members of a Party Group follow the instructions of the Party "Whip" instead of making up their own minds. However there is no provision for party whips on town and parish councils, and in any case that is not how Liberal Democrats operate. 

Voters and candidates alike want to see elected councillors working for the good of the communities they represent.  But in lots of cases there is no agreement on what  is best for the community!  Voters have to decide which candidates come closest to sharing their own views.  Party labels are one way of helping to do this.  Liberal Democrat councillors in Crewe will obtain help and advice as needed from our colleagues on Cheshire East Council, in the House of Commons, and in the European Parliament.