Liberal Democrats in Local Government

Crewe & Nantwich is part of the area covered by Cheshire East Borough Council which is a Unitary authority. The Conservatives have majority control of the Council. The Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group is Rod Fletcher, one of the councillors representing Alsager.

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Between 1974 and 2009, the principal local authorities governing south Cheshire were Crewe & Nantwich Borough Council and Cheshire County Council.

When the Crewe & Nantwich Council was formed, Liberals James Heath and Keith Billing were elected to represent wards in Nantwich and Wistaston, but they did not seek re-election in 1978. In 1982, Liberal Joy Bratherton won a seat in Delamere Ward in the centre of Crewe. Gwyn Griffiths won a second seat in the ward at a by-election later in the year. Ray Stafford won the third seat in 1983. Liberals/ Liberal Democrats continued to represent the ward until the Council was abolished in 2009. Ray Stafford became the first Liberal Democrat Mayor of Crewe in 1998.

Liberal Democrats won all the Borough elections in St John’s ward from 1998, with David Cannon and Betty Howell representing the ward continuously from 1999 until the abolition of the Council. The Valley ward was represented by Liberal Democrat Joy Bratherton from 2004. The Borough wards of Valley, St John’s, and Alexandra together formed the Crewe South Division of Cheshire County Council, and the Crewe South ward of Cheshire East Council. In the first elections for Cheshire East Council in 2008, two of the three seats in the ward were won by Liberal Democrats David Cannon and Betty Howell. 

Ward boundaries were revised extensively before the Cheshire East elections in 2011. No Liberal Democrats were elected from Crewe & Nantwich wards in these elections.