Parliamentary Elections

Parliamentary constituency boundaries are revised regularly to take account of population changes. A major review has begun which will reduce the number of constituencies before the General Election in 2015. 

Until the 1983 General Election, Crewe and Nantwich were in separate constituencies. Since then the boundaries of the Crewe & Nantwich constituency have changed several times. For the most recent elections, the constituency has comprised the two towns and the suburban villages surrounding them. There was a notable by-election in the constituency in 2008, following the death of the long serving and widely respected Labour M.P. Gywneth Dunwoody. The Conservatives won the seat for the first time and retained it at the 2010 General Election.


G. Dunwoody Lab 29,460
M. Loveridge Con 13,662
D. Cannon LD 5,940
P. Astbury Ref 1,543
G. Dunwoody Lab 22,556
D. Potter Con 12,650
D. Cannon LD 5,595
R. Croston UKIP 746
G. Dunwoody Lab 21,240
E. Moore-Dutton UKIP 14,162

P. Roberts

LD 8,083
2008 By-election    
E. Timpson Con 20,539
T. Dunwoody Lab  12,679
E. Shenton LD  6,040
M. Natrass UKIP  922
R. Smith Green  359
D. Roberts EngDem 275
Raving Loony MRLP 236
M. Walklate Ind 217
P. Thoroughgood Ind 118
G. Garratt Ind 113
E. Timpson Con 23,420
D. Williams Lab 17,374
R. Wood LD 7,656
J. Clutton UKIP 1,414
P. Williams BNP 1,043
M. Parsons Ind 177